Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The best word to describe happiness and joy. :D. frens are what i have in my mortal life. They are my companions, my siblings at times, and even a good critics. but a true frens are seriously hard to find. They are like diamonds among the broken glasses, i might cut myself in order to find them. The first time you met them, u felt like u knew them in ages. I have that kind of frens. Frens dat understands me so well, there's no need for me to mention what i want, what i hate and understand the mistakes that i make. Without them, i wouldn't stand on the ground to be myself, their encouragements are so solid! This post is dedicated to all of my frens, wanna know them? here they are :


VAD with u guys, ROCK!
Daus ;)
PATI bilik aku dulu :D
Shane my babe!
outing. :) Qaliz n Qilah

mira feeding me, love u babe
i love our silliness

echa in school :D

roommate yg menggila!
eating competition, ko ingt x bob?? XD
Dhia tetap dgn hp. :)
nawi! ade illuminati! hahaha
Fik! hahahaha. epik kan?

 Jadi, wateva happens aku xkan lupekan krg. xpenah aku ckp aku mnyesal kwan ngan krg. and i hope u guys feel the same (sentimental jap) haha. aku xnk atas sebab-sebab yang xmunasabah, kata2 org yang jahat, mulut2 yang keparat akan menjadikan gamba ni hanyalah gamba semata-mata. peace! :)

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