Wednesday, November 10, 2010



So for today's post, i'll be writing it in English (boleh x?) ngehehehe. so, what shall i write? hmm, about yesterday perhaps. yesterday we went to 1B hang out in the conjunction of our bfdays (hahaha). my belated and her upcoming bfday. so, we were planning to indulge in a slice or two of mouth-watering secret recipe's cakes. hehe. best gler~ haha. afterwards, we all went to the cinema and wanted to catch a movie under someone's treat. hahaa. and for god sake, we watched ESTET! i was kinda anticipate rather than excited bcoz i heard that it was great, bla bla bla bla. haha. and then the story ended up to be hilarious, not because the plot or whatsoever,  (bcoz they were making themselves funny) nope, they weren't funny, Arghhh! u know what i mean. haha. and, that was it. haha nothing much.

Last night, (owh, this morning) haha, i had a dream about someone. hehe. yeah,  im kinda missing this person. hmmmm.... and i started to miss you guys in the peninsular. haish! missing u guys like hell!!! adoiy.

P/s: just had cheese+egg+mayo sandwich and dutch lady choc milk. "we" refers to aienal mardhia, annawi anuar and I. :)